June Madness Sale
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June Madness Sale


How to place an order?

Step1: registration

Click here to finish your registration and get $50 coupon.

Step2: How to find the products you want?

1 Via search function

2 Via products list

Step3: how to read the price of the products?

1) "Sold per pack of 20/ Sold per pack of 20 Sets/20 PCs" These are mean there are 20 Sets/ PCs in a pack.
2) The price depends on how many packs you will buy
* When you buy 1-2 packs, there are 20-40 sets and the price is...
* When you buy 3-4 packs, there are 60-80 sets and the price is...
3) The more, the cheaper.
4) Confirm your products' amount and click "Add To Cart", the products are automatically in your cart.

Step4: how to place the order?

1) If you decide to make an order, go to "My Cart" and click "Checkout".

2) When come to choose the shipping method, you can learn the details on this page.

3) If you have any questions about these steps, you can feel free to contact our customer services
through Skype: service.8seasons or service@8seasons.com. They are always very glad to help you.