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Express Free shipping

* We charge US$ 2.95 per Kilogram for warehouse handling and packing.

For example, a parcel of 4.3kg shipped to United States :
Before joining club: Need to pay US$ 41.49 shipping fee via FedEx-IE
After joining club: The handling fee via FedEx-IE is only US$2.95 * 5 = US$14.75
Shipping fee saving: US$ 41.49 - US$14.75 = US$ 26.74 (shipping fee is about 64% off ).

Take US$ 1000 shipping fee/year for example, Well then, you total could save as below:

Membership Full-Year Half-Year
Club Fee US $199 US $139
Handling Fee 2.95USD/KG 2.95USD/KG
Total Saving Est. US $441 Est. US $181