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Express Free shipping

* We charge US$ 3.9 per Kilogram for warehouse handling and packing.

Important Note:

If the shipping fee increases due to irresistible factors, we may adjust the handing fee according to the actual situation. But please do not worry, the handing fee adjustment will not exceed 4.99USD at most. Thank you for your kind understanding.

For example, a parcel of 2.9kg shipped to United States :
Before joining club: Need to pay US$ 30.55 shipping fee via FedEx-IP
After joining club: The handling fee via FedEx-IP is only US$ 3.9 * 3 = US$ 11.7
Shipping fee saving: US$ 30.55 - US$ 11.7 = US$ 18.85 (shipping fee is about 62% off ).

Take US$ 1000 shipping fee/half year for example, Well then, you total could save as below:

Membership Full-Year Half-Year
Club Fee US $199 US $139
Handling Fee 3.6USD/KG 3.9USD/KG
Total Saving Est. US $441 Est. US $519